Vitae, a partner to trust

At Vitae, we work by creating mutual trust with our clients and partners, which allow us to continue to consolidate as a reference generic medicines company in the different markets with high added value. 

Your trust is important to us

At Vitae we are defined by talent, character and commitment, that is why we strive to maintain a solid relationship with our stakeholders: patients and doctors, suppliers and partners, as well as with our own employees.  

We respect our partners and contribute to the development of our mutual businesses

The success of our business is based on finding the right partners, aligned with our values and committed to health of patients. All our collaborations are managed with the support of a highly committed qualified team.

What are our commitments?

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    Supervise collaborations

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    Generate new opportunities

  • iconomesa-de-trabajo-63-copia-25-20201015103051.png

    Maximize benefits for both parties

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    Encourage a culture of trust

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    Minimize risks

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    Provide transparency


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