Vitae, committed to quality

At Vitae, we want to be a leading healthcare company and our objective is to improve people's life by providing high-quality medicines at an affordable price. That's why all the people and departments of the company are committed to the correct manufacture and commercialization practices in order to comply with necessary standards of quality required by the healthcare administrations.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

At Vitae we work to guarantee quality and to ensure that the production and control of our medicines is consistent with the appropriate level of quality to their intended use and complying with the Marketing Authorization and the technical information requirements. To achieve the desired quality of the manufactured medicines, we apply the Good Manufacturing Practices at three levels:

Our providers

Our suppliers of materials (active principle ingredients (APIs), excipients and packaging) have been previously approved. For approval, they are visited by our staff of laboratory (usually from the Quality Assurance team) to verify that they comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and to ensure that they fit with our quality requirements.

Our Manufacturing Plant

Our Manufacturing Plant Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are applied in our manufacturing plant mainly in four fields: The packaging materials, the staff, the facilities and the equipment and the documentation.

Our Distribution Warehouses and Pharmacies Clients

From the storage process to its distribution, we control the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouses so that the stability and quality of our products might not be affected.


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